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Vocal Technology - DAY 02

Vocal Technology is the Class for Training Individuals From Any Level of Capacity in Singing to a Professional Level. Start your journey today to become an outstanding Singer.


Cityhill Music Academy

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Tonality and Style




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Welcome to Sing Like A Pro Vocal Technology Program where we will be studying Tonality and Style. Tonality is the ability to recognize or different sounds, this ability helps the singer to replicate or reproduce the exact quality of sound he or she comes across and at the end gets the satisfaction of pleasing the listening audience. Tonality deals with the Appreciation of Tone Value and Style. Watch the video below and take notes in order to Pass your Day 2 test.

Tonality & Style Discussion
Listen to Class Audio Intro

Tonality DiscussionRichmond Atu-Johnson
00:00 / 07:49

More Insight on The Course Tonality and Style

Tonality Therapy exerciseRichmond Atu-Johnson
00:00 / 02:20
Tone Appreciation ExerciseRichmond Atu-Johnson
00:00 / 02:38
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Thank you for taking notes and keen attention to the tutorial in the Day 02 Class on Tonality and Style. To Advance to the Next Class of Day 03, you are required to take a test that will Unlock Day 03 Class.



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